Saturday, July 18, 2015

Was it a Birthday? Or did he Win the lottery?

For the twins' fourth birthday, we did our extended family celebration at my parents' house. My sister, Andy, my mother-in-law, and then my little family all celebrated together (my parents had their own separate celebration, because they were in Palm Springs). We did a BBQ and swimming party! And we ended the party with cake and presents!

Andy snapped these photos for me, so that I could help the kids open presents! How awesome was that! I love all their little expressions.
 The kids got amazing clothes from their grandma and toys from their Aunt Katie!
Connor was such a good sport. It isn't easy to be the oldest and have to watch your little brother and sister open their presents only a couple days before your birthday (I remember when he was little, he'd try to argue. "But I'm older. My birthday should be first!"), but he did a great job being supportive and helping - without taking over. Such a sweet big brother (sometimes!).
My sister and I got in a little selfie before we changed into our swimsuits and the kids and I got in a little selfie before heading into the pool.
Aunt Katie and her neice and nephews:
We bought their cake from the grocery store, because, like always, I waited until the day before their BBQ. Oops! But they were thrilled, none-the-less. Do you see that picture on the top right of the collage below? They put their heads on the table and just smiled at each other while we were singing to them, individually. I love their bond. 
Because of where the window was in this photo below, half of it got overexposed. I turned it to black and white because it looks a little better that way, but it's still super bright half of us. I wanted to include it for memory purposes, anyway. The only person missing is Andy (they couldn't find their wireless remote for the camera). 
My brother and sister-in-law sent Aiden his present and he was ridiculously overjoyed. I'm pretty sure this would be my reaction if I won the lottery. See video below:
Isabella got a castle decal for her wall from her Aunt and Uncle. She likes to show it to me multiple times a day. 
The kids were so wonderfully blessed. We are all so lucky to have family so close and so sad that my brother and sister-in-law couldn't be here to celebrate with us this year.


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