Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Baseball Themed Sixth Birthday

I mentioned before that this year was a low key birthday-party-throwing year. I put this party together in less than a week and, honestly, had I been able to - I probably would have just skipped the party altogether. But my precious big six-year-old kept asking when his party was going to be and I couldn't disappoint!

I have never had a party without an invitation, so I knew (even though I mostly just sent these digitally at the last minute), I needed to at least have an invitation to put in his baby book! I ordered the digital invitation from Little Ms Shutterbug's etsy site. I loved the way it came out!

There were a couple simple details I was able to throw together last minute that made the party look put together. The first was the shirt that my mother-in-law found for Connor! I'm so thankful she puts up with my crazy themes (she had asked me months ago what kind of shirt Connor would want and I knew he'd love a baseball shirt, so it worked out perfectly!). The second simple detail was the cake. I have never ever ever (I could add a few more evers!) ordered for any of my kids' parties from any place besides Legacy Bakeshop, but this was such a last minute detail that I went to the grocery store and begged them to have a cake ready the next day. How's that for last minute?
I went to Party City and found this baseball pinata (which was a special request from the birthday boy himself!) and these baseball plates and napkins! 
The good news was that since we did the party in the evening, we had all day to do a couple fun projects! We went to the dollar store and got white gift bags. My mother-in-law took a red marker and made baseballs out of them. We gave these to the kids to store their treats from the pinata. 
Also at the dollar store we found plastic bats and made party thank you gifts, using a tag from THIS set from Little Ms Shutterbug's etsy site!
The morning of the party, I ran over to Sports Authority to get some plastic baseballs (so that we could set up a tee and let the kids hit baseballs) and walked right past a red and white baseball shirt that matched Connor's for $9. I didn't even think twice and snatched it up real quickly! If you're doing a baseball party, they have them in a bunch of different colors!
The last thing we did for the party was set up our bounce house. We bought this a couple years ago and it's been the best money we've spent. We've now gotten several birthday parties out of this bounce house and hundreds of weekend and weekday fun out of it too!
And so you have it! A budget-conscious, simple baseball birthday party for a happy six-year-old!


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