Friday, August 7, 2015

A Birthday Filled with Memories!

I already did a post with all the details from our budget-friendly, simple, last minute Baseball Party for a six-year-old, but wanted to blog the memories from the day!! This year we held the party on a Friday evening, just so that we could fit everything in (July is always so busy for us!) and I thought it worked well. People came over after work, ate dinner, swam a bit, and hung out.

Right before heading over to my mom's house (my parents have a pool, so we had the party at their house!), we packed up my tiny car with all our balloons, bounce house, food, and kids and I had to laugh because poor Connor was packed in there. He barely had room to move!

For Connor's birthday, he asked for a mountain bike "like Daddy's." He got a cannondale kids' bike (Trail 20) from our families. It was his first bike with hand breaks and he mastered it pretty quickly! Lucky boy!
Daddy had to work until minutes before the party started, so I didn't get any photos of him beforehand, but I did ask my mom to snap these of me and Connor!! 
We had a couple fun things for the kids to do! We brought our bounce house over, let the kids go swimming, and had a baseball tee/bat/and plastic balls out for them to hit.
This was our first time doing a pinata at a party and Connor was so excited. Apparently, however, I didn't get any photos of him swinging the bat. Boo for that!
Connor was SO excited about the cake. He picked it out from Raley's grocery store and I was so thankful they were able to do it so last minute. He really wanted a Dodger cake and kept telling me on our way there that that's what he wanted. I was so worried they wouldn't have anything like that (since we live NOWHERE near where the dodgers play - haha!), but thankfully, they had an edible image he could add to the cake!
My camera battery died half way into the party, so I didn't get a ton of photos with the real camera. but thankfully with everyone and their mom having cell phones, I was able to get some snapshots of my little family during cake!
Because of the battery incident, I didn't get a single photo of the kids swimming. The next day, we woke up early and let Connor open all his presents! He was so excited! He had so many favorite gifts, but the one he had to use immediately was his new skateboard! Boy is he blessed.
I am so thankful we live so close to family and are able to celebrate with everyone! I don't take that for granted!


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