Saturday, August 22, 2015

End of Week Randoms

I tried to soak up the last moments of summer, by watching the kids swim a lot towards the end of July and beginning of August!! 
It only took us a month, but we FINALLY got our thank you notes done. It's pretty much just a test in patience for parents.
I can't remember if I mentioned this already, but we got a few begging emails from Connor's soccer league asking for volunteers for coaches. I hoped after the first email that someone else would volunteer. But after the third email, I realized no one was going to step up. So Mr. Howard and I volunteered to co-coach, hoping that someone would step up afterwards to help him out (so that I could be the team parent instead). We were thrown into the world of coaching U8 soccer pretty fast. We got our team roster on a Thursday, called parents on a Friday, and had our first meeting on Monday. It's been a bit insane. I don't know how I keep getting sucked into all this volunteering, but someone is going to have to disable my email account, because Connor's school PTA has sent out a few emails about needing officers to volunteer and I feel so guilty, I may just do it! Then, my union president called me a few weeks ago and asked if I'd be willing to learn and serve on a committee with the idea that I could take on a leadership committee role. Holy Moly. Did I mention we signed Isabella up for ballet and Aiden gets to pick something in the Winter? Geeeeeeesh! My goal for this school year is going to be survival. 
Towards the end of summer, we dug out our popsicle maker and made some raspberry lemonade popsicles.
I'd like to feel sorry for Reese with her 25 pillows stacked on top of her by the kids, but I don't. She antagonizes them too!
I went on my very first run/walk last week. I hadn't run in 16 weeks and so we did 30 second run - 2 minute walk intervals, just to see how our legs would do. My knee did really well, but then I started work (and wore heels!) and it was sooo hard on my knees (a lot more walking than what I did in the summer, getting up on chairs to hang bulletin boards, moving furniture), so I've spent the last week icing and elevating again. I am determined to run again some day. I am not worried about my speed, because I know that'll come back. I just need to get my knees healthy enough for running again and I refuse to do anything too fast, so that I have to start all over again!
Moments like this have to be captured, because they are like unicorns - incredibly rare!!
We got the kids Back to School haircuts this past weekend and they were all so excited! The boys tried a new haircut place and liked it and Isabella and I went to our go-to hair place!! (Daddy forgot to snap a photo of Aiden getting his hair cut!)
 With school starting back up, it can only mean one thing: Meal Prep Sundays! I made 8 salads for hubby and me:
 In anticipation of my girls' weekend coming up, I returned my hair back to its ditzy blonde color.
The twins started school the Monday before Connor did and they kinda loved being the first ones back. This year they are going to school five days a week - which is a big shift for them! We haven't decided if this will be the last year for them or not, before kindergarten. We are leaning towards giving them an extra year, since they are almost July babies and will be very close to the cut-off.
I always break out the dresses on the first couple days back to school! Reese loves to get right under my dress and jump up and try to bat the fabric with her hands. She doesn't know what to do with having me in an outfit that isn't workout clothes or jeans! (Of course, right as I snapped this photo, she stopped and scratched her neck!)
I met my goal of nine books in nine weeks with my very last book. I read Tina Fey's Bossypants and laughed my tooshie off! Woo-hoo! I was worried I wouldn't reach my goal, but I'm glad I did. It definitely gave me something good to do during naptimes and early mornings!
I will have to blog about the kids' first day of school soon!


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