Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I just adore being their mommy!

Even though Connor started school a few days after the twins, I went ahead and did their first day of school photos all at once! And holy moly are they adorable! I just adore being their Mommy!

I love watching the bond between these two! It just melts my heart! It makes me want to have a twin sibling!
They leaned in and waved completely spontaneously!
Isabella also did this on her own. Boy does she love her brother!
I just kept snapping away! I might as well have not even been there; they were in their own little world!
The boys just adore their sissy!
And finally...their first day of school photos! Be still my heart. Look at my big boy (he's wearing cowboy boots behind that frame, and it's my favorite part of the photo!). That child is nothing if not independent and strong willed!
Connor is so big now that he can no longer rest his hands on the frame. I just cannot believe he is so big! I can't wait to see his growth this year.
Everyone says Isabella is the spitting image of me in these pictures and I so want to see it, but I can't. I also can't see Mr. Howard in the boys. She was so proud of her necklace and pierced ears!


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