Thursday, August 6, 2015

Midweek Randoms

We have had a crazy few weeks! CRAZY! I traveled for work last week and hubby has been traveling for work this week, so between the two of us - we've both been exhausted! Isabella has been my little cuddlebug this week. She's been asking when I go back to work and is my little shadow at all times of the day. She pretty much touches me 8 out of the 11 hours she is awake! Here she was touching my back as I was answering emails one morning!

 The kids clearly take after me, because they now request photos and then ask me to send them to people. "Mama, we take a picture of kissing and you send it to Daddy?" So sweet!
One of my favorite parts about being a stay at home Mama is that I have been waking up with my hubby before he leaves for work, which gives me a couple hours every morning before the kids wake up! Reese and I cuddle together on the couch while I read! It's been such a centering activity!
I am getting ready for a MUCH deserved girls' trip to D.C. and the history teacher in me is so excited! For those of you who have taken the Strengths Finder Assessment, one of my top 5 strengths is INPUT. And this is no more apparent than when I am preparing for travel! I love to read everything I can possibly read about where we are going (I also love to tab books!).
Last week I served as an advisor for a week long camp for all the middle school and high school leadership students in my school district. Whoa nelly! It was so powerful, but it's a lot like childbirth...I was exhausted, drained, and highly emotional from the experience. The camp's mantra is "These four days will change your lives" and I think for the vast majority of those kids, it did! For me, it completely renewed my purpose as a teacher, but more specifically, reinforced why I teach teenagers! Because I was going to be gone for so long and my husband was going to need to get the kids up at 5:30am to take them to my mom's house (so that she could then take them to preschool and daycare at 7:30am), I wanted to make getting the kids ready super easy. So I packed a bag for each kid for each day with everything they needed inside (it had their socks, undies, and clothes for that day).
Oh my goodness, though. Camp was just so powerful and amazing! It really took the kids and advisors through a very structured guided leadership process of identifying our talents, becoming a family of leaders (through a ropes course), telling our stories and burning the negative stories people have written about us, and then creating an attainable goal and making a plan for how to achieve it. The adults did everything right alongside the kids and I think that was very powerful for the older students - to see that we as adults still have experiences from our past that hold us back. I sat there and just bawled like a baby listening to these young people talk about all that they've been through. In general if I see someone cry, I cry too. But this was beyond just a couple tears on my cheek. My heart hurt because I feel like they were and are too young to have experienced what they've experienced. I didn't get a lot of down time since we were up every morning at 6 and my adult meetings went until 11 or 12pm every night. Then, of course, even when I was sleeping - I was in Mama mode making sure my 8 middle and high school girls were asleep (and not roaming the campsite with boys! Eek!) ! But I did wake up every morning and read amongst the redwood trees, just so that I'd have some energy and focused peace during the day! Reading is my version of meditating. 
I finished Dark Places, which is my sixth book I've read this summer (I had a goal to read nine books - one for every week I've been out this summer). Eek I'm worried I'm not going to reach my goal! 3 more to go!

I am missing a lot of things we've been up to the last couple weeks, but this post has taken me a full two days to get written, in 15 minute chunks - so I'm just going to have to call this post a day. Hubby and I volunteered to coach Connor's soccer team, so I have a list of things I need to get done this afternoon while the kids nap! Thank goodness my husband will be home soon! I am ready for a break...and some wine!! :-)


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