Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Midweek Randoms

I mentioned in my last midweek randoms post that hubby was traveling for work last week and that I didn't get the post finished! So I'm going to finish from where I left off. One of these days I'll get completely caught up! ;-) Probably when I am a retired lady with no kids in the home. (Shirts below are embroidered by my mother-in-law)! I haven't even been able to post about my birthday TWO WEEKS AGO! Yikes.

This summer we had tons of time to go offroading, but haven't been able to go as often as we'd like, because our land rover needs some work (in the world of offroading, your car ALWAYS needs work...but in this case, it's our air suspension, so it really needs to be done before we go on any more trips). Thankfully, before it completely went kaput, we got in a trip!
While Mr. Howard was in Seattle for work last week, the kids and I did workout videos in the living room.
And yoga.
When Daddy got home from traveling, there were hugs all around. Everyone was SOOOO excited!!
There were fights over who got to sit next to him...and who got to tell him stories first...and who was going to kiss him first. He is definitely very loved!
With Daddy back at home and work, and the kids and I enjoying our last week before school starts, I am trying REALLY hard to soak up the last couple days of being a stay at home Mama. 
Either they sense this coming to an end and they want to prepare me (by making me a CRAZY lady who is ready to go back to work) or...they are actually trying to put me into a mental institution so that I cannot work and I'm forced to be home with them all day - we'll never know. Either way, despite my nostalgia and need for savoring all the fun, special moments, they are preparing me to be ready to part with this summer Stay at Home Mama gig. ;-)
In other, less crazy, news though, Reese passed her Beginner Puppy class. I'm not sure her behavior is much better, though. Haha!
And finally, I finished my 7th book of the summer (my goal was to read nine books this summer - one for each week!). I read In the Woods by Jana French. Whoa! This murder mystery book may not be for everyone, but it had me on the edge of my seat for half a book, thinking something was going to happen any second!

Immediately afterwards, I finished my 8th book of the summer - Confessions of a Perfect Mom: The Toddler years. Woot Woot! I am on track to make my Summer Reading Goal!! I already started my 9th book and am about 40% of the way finished!


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