Thursday, August 13, 2015

Soaking up the Last few Moments of Summer

While soaking up the last few moments of summer break, we decided to pack up the car with a picnic lunch and head to the Lake (unless we have a wet, wet winter - this may be the last time in a LONG time, we'll actually be able to go to this lake!). The kids were so excited, but really they just wanted to know when we were getting in the water with them. Ha!

We even brought Reese for the first time. She's still not completely able to be off the leash (we can let her for short periods of time, but then she gets excited and tries to run away), so this was a good practice for her. She loved the lake! She'd probably have loved it a bit more if there was less mud (because the lake is soo low because of our drought, the areas where you can walk around at the water's edge are normally the bottom of the lake. So it's not very sandy; it's actually silt.
It was a fun, easy day at the lake!


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