Saturday, August 8, 2015

Swim Lessons

I mentioned in a previous post that all three kids did swim lessons this summer, but I never got around to doing a recap! Aiden and Isabella were in the Alligators class and Connor was in the Marlins class in the big pool (being in the BIG pool was the highlight of Connor's whole summer)!

Connor did so well. He learned backstroke, combined stroke and breathing, breastroke and sidestroke, kneeling and compact diving, and safety skills.

His favorite part was when he went into the lanes! He felt like such a big boy!
Aiden and Isabella were in the same class on the first day, but got moved to different instructors by the second day. So that was kinda nice that they each got alone time!
Isabella learned rhythmic breathing, a prone float, combined stroke, and a jump from deck!
Every single day the kids woke up first thing in the morning and asked if they had swim lessons that day. They were THRILLED when it was a swim day and super bummed when it was a non-swimming day! That's definitely what every parent wants!
Aiden learned the same things as his sister, but was a little more hesitant with his lessons because when we were in Palm Springs he had a scary almost-drowning incident. Ever since then, he's been a bit spooked if anyone tries to let him go!
I always adore their little report cards. The instructors decorate them and write little personal notes! I love putting them in their baby books!


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