Sunday, August 9, 2015

They all wanted to hold his hand

A few weeks ago my sister, her boyfriend Andy, the kids, and I went on a hike on the Lake Clementine Trail! It was a beautiful trail and very simple (just two miles one way, two miles back, and then about a half a mile back and forth to the north fork of the American River). The kids did really well!

One of my hiking secrets is that I always bring yummy hiking granola bars that the kids love and I usually don't hand those out until we get to our destination! So it's a lot of "Come on, guys! You're doing such a great job! We're almost to the spot where we can stop for granola bars!" And then, I usually try to have some sort of motivation for heading back home too (in this case, it was promises of a river visit!). I say, "Yay! Guys you are doing an awesome job! We're almost back to the river! Who wants to go in the water?" Those kind of little tricks don't always work, but for the majority of the kids, the majority of the time - it's the perfect way to make hiking fun!
The kids had so much fun wading through the water and spending time hanging out! They wanted to throw every single rock into the river!
I was so impressed with their excitement and motivation throughout the hike!
The most adorable thing, however, was how obsessed the kids were with Andy. They all wanted to hold his hand! So sweet! (And anytime my hand gets a break, I'm thankful!).
 This trail goes right below the tallest bridge in California, Foresthill Bridge.
All in all it was such a great day! For some of the other adventures we've been on in Northern California, click the link below!


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