Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wine Tasting

For Mother's Day, my sister, Andy, Mr. Howard, and I took my mom wine tasting and we were finally able to schedule it a week ago! The wine tasting was at a winery called Jodar Winery and we were able to do a complete wine tasting (with maybe 10 wines) and enjoy a cheese/meat selection! Also one wine was paired with a cheesecake tasting and another was paired with a salsa!

 Even though Mr. Howard participated in the gift giving, he wasn't able to participate in the actual wine tasting, since someone had to watch our kids! But he was missed.
 My sister and I were going to take a picture, and my mom jumped in! Love her!
 My little sister, Andy, and me:
 My sister and I used to both be blonde, but over the years, she has gone darker and darker and that has made us look a little different! It used to be funny watching my students react when she'd walk in the door to my classroom! But we do still look a lot alike.


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