Tuesday, September 1, 2015

DC 1 and that time our server gave us all hugs goodbye!

I just got back from DC and had the best girls' trip in...well...maybe forever!!! I am just glowing from the breath of fresh air that that trip was! I am really hoping I can somehow convince my friends to do a girls' trip once a year!!

I left for Los Angeles at about 8:30 at night and got to watch such a pretty sunset from the airport!

My plane to LA was the tiniest plane you could ever imagine and we were all basically sitting on top of each other. In fact, it was so tiny that you couldn't even carry on your suitcases. It could have been an awkward trip, since we were all so darn tight and squeezed in there; but thankfully, I sat next to the nicest man, who kept insisting he do everything possible for me - buy me a drink, put my bag away, and even make sure I found my connecting gate. In one of those "this is the smallest world possible" moments, we realized that we actually have a friend in common. I was thankful I had company to talk to, because I didn't want to fall asleep on this flight, only to be wide awake on my red-eye!
And then I finally got to Los Angeles, where I picked up my best friend Jen for our red-eye flight to DC! Surprisingly, we both did pretty well and actually got a little sleep. I think I maybe got two or three hours, which is more than I thought I'd get.
We arrived in DC at about 7am and Jenna picked us up from Dulles Airport!! We began in Falls Church with a yummy breakfast at a place called Ted's Bulletin - where, by the way, they make their very own fresh poptarts. We had a blueberry cheesecake one, an apple pie one, and a strawberry one! Delicious! (I wish I got a prettier picture, because they were so adorable):
After heading home, washing our faces, and changing our clothes - we headed off to Arlington for the afternoon. First we went to have coffee, and then headed off to Arlington National Cemetery. My best friend Jen humored me with this visit, since I'm pretty sure it wasn't on her list of things to do. But as a world history teacher, I felt like I couldn't come all the way over there and not see it again. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Changing of the Guard were on my list of must's!
There were a few funerals going on while we were there, and it certainly is humbling to think about those families.
We also went to the graves of John F Kennedy and Jackie O.
Afterwards, we decided to go to Old Town Alexandria and strolled King Street, Torpedo Factory Art Center, and Old Town Waterfront. We ate at a place called Virtue Feed and Grain and had the absolute best server! He bought us a free drink, told us what we should order, and was just altogether awesome! P.S. We even got individual hugs before leaving the restaurant! Please tell me the last time YOU got a hug from your server when you were leaving? Ha! (Side note, I had my very first crab cake sandwich and absolutely loved it). If you're in the area, ask to sit in SCOTT'S section, but don't be jealous if he doesn't give you goodbye hugs; it's possible he just really was going to miss us. 
After a busy day of sightseeing, shopping and walking, we went back to the house to rest a bit and spend some time with the pups. At about 6:30pm, it became apparent we needed to get out of the house or we were going to fall asleep (and going to bed at 6:30 would not have been ideal to get our bodies on East Coast time). So off we went for drinks and the best brussel (sprout) chips I've ever had at a local pizzeria! (I'm definitely going to be researching how I can make brussel chips myself! Anyone have a good recipe?)


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