Wednesday, September 9, 2015

DC 2 and that time I let loose!

I'm still catching up on my DC trip recap. It's been go-go-go ever since I got home!

On Friday the 28th, I woke up at 7am East coast time, so that I could go out on the patio, snuggled in my jammies, in the beautiful cool weather, with the pups, and read! I'm reading the fourth Outlander book right now and the paperback version is 1070 pages, so you can imagine how long that takes to read with three littles at your feet. Uninterrupted quiet time is a rarity in my life, unless I'm on a vacation by myself...or I wake up early to read. I sat outside for an hour or so, until Jenna came home from the airport after picking up Katie!! Finally our foursome was complete and our girls' trip could officially start! 
After getting ready for our day, we all headed out for brunch at True Food Kitchen. 
I always forget how far away you really are from the White House, until I see pictures! 
We spent a lot of time at the National Mall and even went up into the Washington Monument, which I don't think I had ever done before!
The views were pretty spectacular! It definitely gave me a perspective of where everything was, which you definitely can't get driving around. 
We also visited the World War II Memorial, which was pretty powerful because there was a visiting group of military there in their uniforms. 
We saw the Thomas Jefferson Monument. I would love to take some time to study this sculpture as part of a class. It seems to me that the hands are particularly large; is it just me?
The Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool is just so beautiful. People must have thought it insane when Henry Bacon designed it. But it's just so magnificent the way it perfectly reflects the monument! I can't help but think about Martin Luther King's speech whenever I see it! 
After sightseeing, we needed some refreshments, so we went to have drinks at the W overlooking the White House, on the 11th floor terrace bar and lounge! We also each had a housemade sorbet! The photo on the right is the view of the white house from where we sat! It's pretty crazy to be able to see the secret service walking around on the top of the building.
After an exciting, but very busy day of monuments, walking, and tours, we came home to rest (Katie had actually flown over on the red eye the night before and she needed a nap!). I went for a three mile run on the prettiest trail through Falls Church, called the Washington and Old Dominion Trail. It was beautiful!

Afterwards, we all stayed in our cozy attire and went to a local Mexican restaurant called Tio's for drinks and dinner. The food was delicious! 

And here's where the night took a turn, for me. Because of my workout and a lack of food in my belly before margaritas , the tequila went STRAIGHT to my head! Excuses, excuses...right?
Then, I made the mistake (or fun decision, depending on how you look at it) to keep the party going, by having wine at home! A few hours later, I was on my own party planet. 

I think, in order to get the full flavor of me as someone who doesn't have her kids with her (which is a HUGE rarity!) one should check out these texts. The blue is me. The good news? I'm very loving and fun! The other good news? I'm a cheap date! It doesn't take much to make this old lady, who doesn't get out much, feeling great! 
And, because one should get the full experience of my craziness via photos, here's me trying to fit into the world's smallest dog bed. Spoiler alert: I fit!
Not pictured: doing the douggie, trying to walk up to the second floor to my bed, and the hilarious attempt to brush my teeth and take out my contacts.

I'll leave you with a perfect summation of the evening, provided by a card my brother and husband found!


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