Sunday, September 13, 2015

DC 3 and that time I drank pedialyte on the floor of the bathroom

Have you missed my DC posts? Here's Day 1 in Washington DC. And here's Day 2.

Have you ever wondered what a thirty-two-year-old's recovery from a night of finally letting loose looks like? Here you go: Pedialyte, snuggly towels, and the floor of a bathroom. The picture below shows you my view for several hours. The girls were so sweet and were trying so hard to get me to eat something; but NOTHING sounded good and nothing stayed down. Nothing. I actually thought I wasn't even going to make it to our fun day in Georgetown, but thankfully by about 1pm, I was feeling human. I'm so glad I decided to get my act together, get dressed, and get out of the house - because I felt much better when I did.

Unfortunately, when I did get my act together, I was rushing and forgot my phone - so I didn't get any of my own photos from Day 3. Thankfully some of the girls sent me some!

A girls' trip to Washington DC isn't complete without some Georgetown shopping on M Street and Wisconsin Avenue. We shopped for several hours! I think everyone bought something while we were there; for me, it was a pair of converse sneakers, because apparently I am the only person on the planet who doesn't yet own a pair (we realized on day one that everyone was wearing converse except me).

We also went to Georgetown Cupcakes and had delicious cupcakes! There's usually a line down the street, but we lucked out at the time we went, because the line only went about a third of the way down the street!
After shopping till we dropped, we went and had drinks in the lobby (they call it the Living Room) of the Ritz Carlton Georgetown. Our cocktail waiter was so sweet and had actually just recently visited LA, so we had lots to talk to him about! In fact, everyone in the hotel was just so nice. We ordered Parmesan truffle fries and had cocktails (I had a coke instead...see the beginning of this post for the reason why. Ha!). We also played scrabble for an hour or so, while we cooled off, ate, talked, and drank! It really was a lot of fun!!
I'm so thankful everyone sent me photos from the day, so that I have photos to post!
A trip to Georgetown wouldn't be complete without a walk at the Georgetown Waterfront Park to see the Potomac River. We had actually planned on eating at the waterfront, but the wait at the sushi restaurant was three hours, or something crazy. So we decided to walk around and enjoy it - and then uber it on over to a sushi restaurant a bit away.
We ended our evening at the Sticky Rice sushi place on H street in DC. Oh goodness! If you like tater tots, you'll be in Heaven with their bucket o' tater tots with a yummy tater sauce. I know it seems incredibly bazaar to order tater tots at a sushi restaurant, but DO IT. You won't be disappointed! I don't know how else to explain the restaurant, except that it's very urban, almost bad-boy-ish, playing a mix of hilariously old music videos with current hits. We loved the sushi and full bar!
 Everyone was cheers-ing with their sake, so I cheers-ed with my water. I don't think I had a single drink the rest of the trip, after my previous night's craziness.
Afterwards, we came home and did face masks that Jen had brought for us...and watched Aloha all snuggled on the couch!
The next day was our last day of the trip and I was already starting to get so sad about leaving!


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