Friday, September 18, 2015

End of Week Randoms

I am currently obsessed with Lauren Daigle's First and Old Dominion's Break Up with Him

Last week my handsome hubby and I arranged for my sister and mom to watch the kids so that we could go out to a comedy club and bar with Mr. Howard's coworkers, to celebrate his top sales' people! It was SO much fun! We saw Keon Polee, a hilarious comedian! I really need to be better about organizing sitters and getting out of the house; it really is so nice. Isn't my husband HOT? 
 I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG long time.
We ripped out all the carpet in our playroom, stairs, and (partially in our) bedroom. My job was to sit on each step and use a flat head screw driver and hammer to pull up all the nail-strips. FUN!
Connor lost his very first tooth and the toothfairy came! 
He left his pillow with the tooth for the toothfairy and was so excited to see money when he awoke!
Isabella was SO excited about ballet. She wanted to go with Nana and me to pick out her ballet shoes and outfits. Unfortunately, last minute, I realized there was no time for my mom to go, so just Izzy and I went. She couldn't wait to pick out all her dance stuff!
And then, Saturday came and it was time for ballet! There were many tears shed, but I wouldn't expect anything different. My beautiful littlest girl is always apprehensive about trying new things. She wouldn't go out with the instructors or other little girls, but as long as she was within twelve inches of me the entire time, she would at least try the dance moves - which is all I could have asked. Next week she assures me she's ready to go out with the other little girls. 
Connor played in his very first soccer game and Mr. Howard coached his very first soccer game. And they won, which made my awesome hubby feel a little better about coaching. Not that it would have mattered, but as a first time coach, he would have felt horribly if his team went out there and lost 10-1 or something. 
As parents, Mr. Howard and I are pretty consistent and regimented about a lot of things. But, there's one thing I firmly believe in and that's balance. Before becoming a mommy, I always thought it'd be so fun to have ice cream for dinner once or twice a year! And we made that a reality last weekend. Connor had cake batter with pretzels and graham crackers. Isabella had cake batter with fruit loops and cocoa puffs. Aiden had plain jane vanilla with potato chips! And Mr. Howard and I had hot glazed donuts with ice cream inside. Oh holy goodness. And because it was my dinner, I didn't feel guilty eating it!
Over Labor Day, I had ONE day to sorta sleep in and I was so excited. Unfortunately, I had a six-year-old in my bed at barely 4am (which I call "the middle of the night") poking my face and giggling. By barely 5am I was ready for a ginormous vat of coffee! 
Speaking of Labor Day, I went to the absolute best teaching conference I have ever been to in my entire life! It was called Shakespeare Works When Shakespeare Plays and is put on by different Shakespeare Foundations and groups from all over the US. Some of the presenters were the education directors of the Chesapeake Shakespeare Company, the Utah Shakespeare Company, American Shakespeare Company, Bard on the Beach (in Massachusetts) and even some from the Globe Theater in the UK. It was spectacular!! Here we were constructing the different types of blood one might find in different parts in Hamlet. We had to "dissect" the text and figure out based on the scene and text we were given, what type of blood we needed to create (had the blood been on the person for a long time? Did it need to ooze out on stage? Or did it happen in an earlier scene?). It was the absolute coolest idea to get kids to investigate text!
If you've been watching the news about Northern California, you'll probably have seen a couple things. 1) We are in the worst drought we've seen in YEARS. 2) We have several horrible fires going in our area right now. It has really made our weather unpredictable and some days it's just been too bad to even go outside. This particular day looked horrible. The sky was so bad. But the actual smoke smell wasn't there, thankfully. All I can do is think about all those firefighters who have to be in that smoke all day. Gosh I hope they can put them out quickly.
Happy Friday! I'm off to pick up a movie for the kids, hubby, and me! 


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