Saturday, September 26, 2015

End of Week Randoms

We've had a busy week! Last Friday Connor had a day where his school was closed, so he came with me to work! He always loves coming to play and my middle schoolers are obsessed with him.

I found the absolute funniest photo Connor took of himself while I was teaching. He had just lost his tooth; can you tell?
I also found about 42 different versions of this photo (with me in the background) and his lego garage on my desk!
Mr. Howard and I have had two different nights when we put the kids to bed early and crawled on the couch together and snuggled with a movie.
I posted this on instagram, but thought you all should see it too. Ha! This was me at 7am. I had already gotten all three kids ready, showered, dressed, typed stuff up for the soccer game, got Isabella ready for ballet, fed them breakfast, and cleaned the kitchen and our bedroom. I was already exhausted and hadn't even had a sip of coffee yet. We all needed naps that day; mommy needed them more than anyone!
Isabella did a bit better in ballet. She agreed to go out once or twice and made progress, which I was thrilled about!
Here she was sitting with the girls! I was so proud of her for being so brave!
I snapped this photo! I was holding Daddy's hand and Isabella kept trying to interlace her fingers with ours. Sweet girl.
Last weekend, hubby and I went and picked up take-out sushi, put the kids to bed early, and had a corona and sushi date night. I've said this before, but the way to my heart is simple: buy me sushi!
My little handsome cuddlebug has been loving on his Mommy lately. I am pretty sure that this week I'm his favorite! Hey I'll take it when I can get it...since I'm usually chopped liver when Daddy is around.
This little stinker-doodle has been uber clingy lately and only wants to be touching me. She's pretty much in my lap every minute of every day. And if she's not in Mommy's lap, she's in her Daddy's.
I had a meeting last week and hubby stayed home with the kids. I got this text in the middle of my looooooooong meeting. 
 Another day before soccer, I snapped these of Daddy and the kids!
 Love all of them:
Wow! I just realized how many selfies we took with the kids this week! Ha! I guess we were in a picture-taking mood! I try to remember when she's crawling in my lap...and I haven't had any alone time...and all I want to do is reach over and pick something up without a kid in my lap - that the days are long, but the years are short and before I know it she won't want to cuddle with me at all any more! I will be so heartbroken when that day comes!
 We have a huge L shaped couch with enough seating for 8 people, but the kids always squeeze together on one tiny section. It's really adorable!
On Friday, we had a bit of a bummer! When I was dropping Isabella off at preschool, I bent down to brush her hair and realized that her earring was gone. I said, "Isabella, when did your earring fall out?" and felt her ear and realized it hadn't fallen out. It was still there (in fact, in this picture below, her earring is in). Can't see it? Yep! It had embedded itself inside the middle of her ear and you couldn't pull it out or push it through. We switched insurances a couple months ago and I hadn't even had a chance to get a pediatrician yet, so instead of heading into work Friday - I spent the morning finding the kids a sutter pediatrician and then getting her an appointment in the doctor's office. Thankfully, the pediatrician was able to work his magic and basically force it through (with antibacterial ointment)! Isabella was so brave and didn't even shed a tear during the whole thing! And the bonus was that I absolutely adore their new pediatrician and got all their wellness visits scheduled for the next couple weeks. Nothing like a forced emergency to get Mommy's butt in gear with finding a doctor!
Pretty much our week consists of work, homework, cooking, soccer, ballet, and lots and lots of errands - with the occasional emergency or unexpected excitement! It's a busy season of life!


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