Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Midweek Randoms

I am very far behind on my random posts! Ever since school started back up, I've been consumed with lesson plans, doing homework with Connor, and soccer practices/games! It's been crazy in our world, but what else is new?

Right now I am currently obsessed with the song Touch the Sky by Hillsong United and (I'm almost afraid to say the next one)...Justin Bieber's "What do you Mean?" Haha. I know, I know. I'm 32 and too old for teenager boy pop music, but there's just something about the song that I love. 

I have been obsessed with fancy grilled cheese sandwiches lately! I've made these twice in the last three weeks. These are heirloom tomato and fontina grilled cheese sandwiches with red onion and arugula. I also made a green bean, red onion and heirloom tomato with a lemon/mustard dressing. Such an amazing summer meal! I can also see making these fancy grilled cheeses with a soup in the winter!

Several weeks ago, we decided to start pulling up our carpet to lay hardwood floor. Then, we put that project on a temporary hold, while we did a couple other things. After a week, we decided to go ahead and just rip it all out - so we have no carpet on any of our stairs. Slowly but surely, we are going to start replacing it with hardwood stairs. Hopefully this project doesn't take us a year.
I mentioned before, but we are coaching soccer (I say, "we" but I pretty much do all the behind the scenes stuff - organize picture day, send emails to parents, get sign-ups, write the lesson plans, make the game cards, etc. and hubby coaches the actual practices/games -while I wrangle the twins).
There is nothing that makes me happier at 5:45am than a large cup of warm coffee with whipped cream in it. Seriously. Amazing.
Mr. Howard has been so busy at work and I've been so busy writing all new lesson plans for world history that on nights we don't have soccer - we've been coming home, having a family dinner, doing homework, putting the kids in the bath, doing bedtime, and then Mr. Howard and I have been doing work for several hours every night. It's been a little crazy, but we've tried really hard to pick a couple nights where we either rent a movie and watch it together (with our laptops PUT AWAY)...or have a nice dinner together after the kids are in bed...just something so that we're not doing work every single night. 
A week or so ago, Connor was being crazy with Reese. He was chasing her around, letting her chase him, sliding around, climbing over the table, etc. and we had given him a warning that if he didn't calm down, he was going to need to take a rest in his room. He didn't calm down and Mr. Howard said that he had had it and Connor needed to go in his room. As he approached Connor, Connor ran around the corner and jumped on our dining room table. Literally JUMPED. You can see what the results of that were below. Oh holy goodness. I could have screamed and cried simultaneously. My dad made this table and it has a leaf in it to extend it. Connor jumped right on the part of the table where it opens to add the leaf and it ripped out the tracks and cracked the table in half. I think it can be fixed, but it was SO avoidable and unnecessary.
The kids are very into funny faces right now. They think they are hillarious!
We had our VERY FIRST wiggly tooth!!!! It was all very exciting over here in our world! **Side note: Update...Since I wrote this last week, Connor has actually lost his tooth.**
Some weeks I am on my Meal Prep game...even drinking wine while doing it...and other weeks, not so much. This week has actually been horrible!
We are trying to squeeze in every last tiny bit out of this summer weather we've got - with lots of pool visits! It looks like Connor was doing an Irish dance here!
Aiden looks awfully close to the edge, but I can assure you he was far enough out!
While I was at the pool with the kids, Mr. Howard went offroading in these, below, with his friends! He now wants us to sell the Land Rover and buy one of these. Ha!
The twins have been all about Daddy. Thankfully, Connor is alllll about me; so it evens out right now!
I will have to do a part 2 post, because I still have so much to tell you about. Here's a little sneakpeak: 

Reese, our precious pup, got a new home (stay tuned for more information)...
Tomorrow is our angel Cole Jayden's birthday. It's been a hard week for me!
We ripped out all the carpet in our playroom, stairs, and (partially in our) bedroom. 
Connor lost his very tooth!
Isabella started ballet!
Connor had his very first soccer game.
We had ice cream for dinner!
Aiden got new shoes (which is a BIG deal in his world, folks!). They make him run "so super fast" and are the "most awesome shoes ever"!


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