Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Midweek Randoms

How is it already midweek again? Goodness gracious! It's 3am and I can't sleep, so I thought I'd get my post done for the week. 

I have been loving "You Won't be Satisfied (Until You Break My Heart)" by Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. I'm sure if my dad read my blog, he'd shake a finger at me and say, "I told you some day you'd love it!" I'm also loving Thomas Rhett's "Die a Happy Man." 

I am struggling big time with Isabella in ballet. She will talk about ballet all week, practice the dance moves, and be so excited and then the morning comes and she doesn't want to go. I'm struggling with the balance of not wanting to make her do something she doesn't want to do...and teaching her to push through her fear of doing the unknown - since I know, in her heart, she really does want to do it; she's just scared. I don't want her to miss out on things because she lets the anxiety get the best of her. Yikes. Hard Mama decision. My mom is going to take her this upcoming Saturday to see if that makes a difference! She is ridiculously adorable though!
Last week, I found this note sitting on my desk. Teaching middle school means I don't get fun notes as often anymore - partly because they're in a different developmental stage (where teachers are annoying and uncool) and partly because I don't teach the same group of students all day; I only have them for two periods. Notes like this make me smile and remind me why I teach.
Last week I texted Mr. Howard an S.O.S. message. I had had a horrible day. He surprised me by having a bottle of wine ready when I got home.
Connor is in the coolest engineering class and they basically do building and problem-solving type tasks every week. Last week they built solar powered transformer robots! Connor definitely is learning so much and doesn't even know it! He just thinks he's playing!
This week, since Mr. Howard had to coach a soccer game and I had to be at ballet with Isabella at the exact same time...and Aiden needs an adult's undivided attention, I asked my neighbor if she and her son would do a play date with Aiden. And boy-oh-boy was he thrilled. He's asked me every day since when he's going back to Bryson's house. I can't wait until he gets to pick out an activity to do in the Winter! Out of all three kids, I think he'll be the most excited about having his very own activity to do each week!
Connor lost another tooth! This is big, folks! Two toothfairy visits in two weeks!
Moms, please tell me I'm not the only one who has this view below. I'm chopped liver when Mr. Howard is around. The kids tend to ask me ALL the questions, "mama what is for dinner?"..."Mama, I need to bring money for my field trip!"..."Mommy, Isabella's poking me!"..."Mommy I have to read a book for tomorrow..." and I can't even pee without having a kid standing in the bathroom (or knocking...or putting their hands under the door, squealing "Mommyyyy are you in there????) But when it comes time to hold hands to cross the street or sit on the couch, if Daddy is available NO ONE wants me. I know it shouldn't bother me, because Lord knows all I want is a minute to myself when I'm home by myself with the kids, but man-oh-man, sometimes it doesn't feel great.

This past weekend my sister, her boyfriend, my mom, the kids, hubby and I all went out to Yard House for lunch! I had this amazing yummy sushi! YUM!
My sister did her very first 10k and we were so bummed that we couldn't meet her at the finish line!! We are going to need to do a run together!
Afterwards we did our annual Kirkpatrick Pumpkin Patch visit! My dad couldn't come, because he was in a cast. He was missed!
Normally we all wear pumpkin patch shirts (or Happy Halloween shirts!), but it was so hot. It was over 90 and so hubby just couldn't wear a black shirt (I don't blame him. I was dying!). I'll post the pumpkin patch photos when I get them from my sister!
And then on Sunday we were going to do a barbecue with our neighbors, but we decided to do it next weekend. Instead, my little family went offroading with Casey and three of his kids! No one ever complains when we go offroading! We tried to get the kids in the photo below, but they were being little stinkers!
Alright, I am off to a training this morning - so I better get going!


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