Saturday, October 24, 2015

End of Week Randoms

After a lot of Mommy Thinking, I decided to go ahead and cancel ballet classes for Isabella. After struggling four separate times with her and having her climb all over me, cry, and tell me she didn't want to go anymore, I decided to go ahead and cancel our registration. Maybe she'll be ready next year! I am thinking about trying to see if she wants to do a class with Aiden this winter. We'll see.

This past weekend my mother-in-law celebrated her 60th birthday at the beach in Southern California!! We really wanted to come down and celebrate with her, but we thought Connor would have a soccer game; so I needed to stay home with the kids. Of course, weeks after we booked his flight, we realized that we didn't have a soccer game that weekend. Grrr. I was thankful that Mr. Howard got to celebrate with his mom, though!

He got an entire weekend with both of his parents! 
The kids and I had a good weekend too, but we definitely missed Daddy! 
We bought a new movie and all cuddled on the couch and watched it!
I bought a new lipstick a week or so ago and Aiden thought it was SO funny that I had stuff on my lips. He must have asked me nineteen times what I had on my lips. He even wanted to touch it with his fingers. We texted this to Daddy. I pretty much only wear lipstick when I'm going on a date and so Aiden doesn't really get to see it all that often.
I posted this on instagram with the caption, "The kids like a little pancake with their chocolate chips and I like a little egg with my salsa!" No, but really. We know what we like.
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results...Also known as going to target with three children by myself.
We also texted this photo to Daddy. Even though we were having fun, we missed him! The boys were fighting over all the toys they wanted to feature a prominent position in the photo. Oy the fighting.
I did win Mommy kudos, though, as I took them to a fun park that we hadn't been to in forever!
I also let them strip off their shoes and shirts and dance around in the rain! We had a huge downpour for about an hour! I know it doesn't look like like it was coming down that hard, but the streets were filled with water because there was so much, so quickly!
Look at this beautiful rainbow!
Later on in the week when hubby arrived back home, we divided and conquered! Hubby coached soccer, while I did our weekly Costco shopping trip (the twins were playing an "arm inside their shirt" game!). 
November and December are going to be incredibly busy with work stuff; so we are all holding onto our hats and preparing ourselves for our crazy life to get a little crazier!


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