Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pick of the Patch

A few weeks ago we went to the pumpkin patch with my sister, her boyfriend Andy, and my mom! Thank goodness my sister occasionally goes places with us, because I pretty much never carry my nice camera now that the kids are so mobile and I have to constantly be running after one of them! Not only does she bring out her "real" camera, but we have the added bonus that she is a photographer for Awe Captures Photography! She and Andy took all these!

I also finally updated the photos on the right side of my blog, replacing my out-of-date pumpkin patch photos with these! Ummmmm. I still call the twins, "the babies," but it is clear from this photo that we need a new term. They couldn't look any less like babies!

And, of course, my six-year-old is so big! SO BIG!
Miss Isabella Lynn
Our little family. It was SO warm. I think it was 95 and we were all hot and sweaty, but at least we got a photo with everyone looking (not sure why Connor isn't smiling).
 The kids love their Nana! Love, love, love!
 And, sometimes, just sometimes they love each other. Haha! My favorite part of this photo is that Connor's shirt is tucked into his little boxers. Hello adorable!
 My sister told them to say "Boo!" This is their scary boo face!
 My sister and her oldest nephew!
 I snapped this for the adorable photographers!
 And, one of them with our littles!
I just adore these photos and am so thankful that we have them! If you need a photographer in the Sacramento area, check out their website

For all our past Pumpkin Patch Visits, check them out HERE


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