Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Someday it will matter!

A few weeks ago Mr. Howard and I helped chaperone the twins' preschool Pumpkin Patch Field Trip. All the kids made their own shirts and I am pretty sure that this project is completely representative of their personalities. Isabella's had her family members' names on them (including a boy named Bryson! Eeek). And Aiden's had "3 monsters and a 100 snakes...bad guys" written on his.

A Mama friend (who has high school aged children) gave me really, really great advice because I was telling her how hard it is for me to take off work for field trips (since I'm a teacher and I feel guilty for leaving my 100 middle schoolers with a sub). She said, "these moments won't last long...before you know it, the kids won't want you on their field trips...realistically, what are there? Maybe 10 field trips in elementary school!" Something clicked when she said it and I realized it doesn't matter that I miss ONE day of my middle schoolers' school days. But some day it will matter that I missed all my kids' field trips...especially since - she's right - there are only a handful of them EVER. They will never ever be younger than there are today.
So, I typed up sub plans, told my students what I was doing, and spent the morning chaperoning their trip! If I had missed the trip, I would have missed moments like this, below, with Aiden. Holy adorableness.
And this with Miss Isabella.
I would have missed the Three Little Pigs play and all the giggling that came along with it.
And I would have missed all this cheese-ing.
As a working parent, there's a lot I miss and I'm glad that this field trip wasn't one of those things!


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