Thursday, November 5, 2015

Midweek Randoms

Hubby did a 100k Century Ride on Saturday, October 24th!! It was a ride through the hills around Sonoma and the Russian River Valley.

There were meals and snacks, along the way, prepared by Gourmet chefs from all over Northern California and the ride ended in a five course meal! The ride looked like so much fun, I even considered doing it next year (which, anyone who knows me knows I am NOT a biker!). 
While Mr. Howard was doing a 63 mile bike ride, the kids and I had soccer and my parents were able to come with us! Thankfully, since Mr. Howard is the soccer coach and couldn't be there, the assistant coach was able to take over for him! We are so thankful he helps out! My mom and dad took the kids and me out for lunch after the game!
Then, after his 100k, he came home for a day and left again for four days to go to Cincinnati for work. It was definitely a hard week! While he was gone, the kids made Halloween ghost lanterns and we displayed them in front of the house.
 I showed the movie The Outsiders in my English class. I always serve popcorn during movies.
Connor had a Red Ribbon Week spirit day every single day that week (which was SUPER fun to coordinate and remember every morning) and the twins had their Pre-School Halloween party and parade (as always, since I don't know the other parents, I've blurred their faces)!
While Daddy's gone, we try to text him photos and FaceTime with him, but his last trip was kinda hard because he was three hours ahead of us and he had stuff to do in the evenings. Trips away definitely make me thankful for when he's home. 
I posted this on Instagram, but couldn't help but post it here too. I clearly have been teaching middle school for FAR too long. My six-year-old handed this to me and I about died. He wanted to hang his rocket ship on our fridge. Ummmmm. Love, love, love.
My hats are off to you single parents and military spouses with kids. It is Hard, Hard, HARD to be by myself with the kids. Between shuttling kids and coordinating pick-ups, and working a full time job, and trying to cook dinner, and get clothes picked out each night, and doing homework, and trying to be Mommy and Daddy to three little ones who miss their actual daddy, and working my after-school intervention, and making sure Connor participated in his spirit days, and getting the twins ready for their Halloween party, and making sure I had popcorn for my English kiddos, and lesson planning, and coordinating soccer practices, and a million other things - I was exhausted. I started crying one particularly hard morning after dropping them all off at school - when I got an email from Connor's teacher saying he had had a really, REALLY rough day the day before. I just burst out into tears, thinking, I don't know how much more I can handle. When I got to work, I texted my girl friend whose husband is in the military and said, "I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU DO THIS!" She is my hero. Thankfully, my meltdown came at the very end of his trip.

When he came home, we took the kids out to dinner. Notice my beer? Mmhmmm I needed it. 
And then, we purposely scheduled some alone time when the kids were in bed. Hubby rented us the Spy movie and we thought it was really funny. I'm thankful that I am stressed when he is gone, because it makes me appreciate the time we have together that much more. I definitely take for granted having him home most weeks.
Needless to say, I have been a bit overwhelmed and frustrated. I've been a bad blogger, a bad friend, a less than awesome Mama, a less than awesome teacher, a bad eater, and a bad exerciser. But such is life. We pick ourselves back up, brush off, and start over.

This is me starting over.


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