Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Midweek Randoms

Last weekend we carved pumpkins before Halloween. I forgot to post these on my last Midweek Randoms post. Oops!

I had to post this photo below. Hubby was in a silly mood at 6:45 one Saturday morning and he was making me laugh while we were drinking our coffee. He continued to snap away moving his head a million different ways. He snapped this one on the bottom right and I couldn't help but laugh. Real Life. This is my "SERIOUSLY. Stop taking photos" look.
After coffee, we went to soccer. Technically hubby and I coach the team, but thankfully another parent stepped up to assistant coach and so I've taken over the role of Team Manager. I will be thankful when the season is over because it's a lot of responsibility and with Mr. Howard's crazy travel schedule, it's left me in charge by myself. It has been a great experience for Mr. Howard and I think he's realized he definitely has a knack for leading people (young and old!). It's also given him great perspective on what I do for a living and how difficult it is to get little people to listen to you and sit still. 
 A few parents have come up to tell us what a great coach he is and how great he is with the kids - and that's all that matters.
After soccer, I went to a few different stores to see if I could find a shirt for a photoshoot and hubby took the kids to starbucks. They sent me this while I was in the store!
I finally found success at Saks and miraculously was able to get clothes for ALL of us for our Christmas family photoshoot! We even survived an entire hour in the store with all the kids so that we could find everything we needed. We decided on a neutral theme of creams and browns and I hope it'll all come together. We got everything we needed, minus a sweater for the hubs - but we were able to find him something at a different store! I found adorable brown fur boots for Isabella this morning. I'm going to wear brown boots, so we'll match! Here's part of the kids' outfits:
We are awesome shoppers!
It was raining on Sunday and I found the best invention EVER at Costco - a crockpot that has a built-in timer! How did I not know about these? As a working Mama (who leaves the house at 7am and often doesn't come home until 6pm), crockpots are hard for me because I can't put things in there for 11 hours! This invention is amazing because you can set a timer and when the timer is done, it automatically switches to the "warm" setting. GENIUS!
 I made Paula Deen's Taco Soup!
Hubby eats his with cheese and sour cream! I also made warm honey corn muffins to go with the soup! Yummy!
After all our business, we decided to take the kids out for lunch!
 Daddy was waiting in line, so we didn't get a photo of him!
 We did about 6 loads of laundry over the weekend and I still have two more loads to do! It's insane how many outfits these tiny people go through.
 My husband has been traveling a lot. A lot a lot. With this new-ish job (he moved jobs in June), he definitely will travel more than his last one, but this has been insane. He basically has had every one of his corporate (once in a career) trainings in the last month. Thankfully, he won't ever have to do these again, but they literally were all piled together at once. So, when we have an evening together on the couch, it's something to be celebrated! This past weekend we watched Jurassic World.
With all that traveling for work, we've barely had time to work on our stairs! I joked with my mom that they might be done in July. No, but really, they HAVE to be done by the time I host my work's Christmas party. Two steps down, only 14 more to go. Thankfully the first three stairs are the hardest and the rest should be much simpler, because they are straight. See how the bottom three stairs fan out? That's made them much trickier!
On Monday I got a call that Aiden had a fever and needed to be picked up from pre-school early; I knew this meant that he wouldn't be able to go to school on Tuesday, either - and since hubby was out of town again, I knew this meant I would need to take the day off. I had 462 things to get done the next day and knew I "couldn't" take the day off, but such is life with little people who never get sick when it's convenient. Haha! So, I went ahead and put in for a sub and arranged to go into work early to write lesson plans. My day started at 5am with two congested kids in my bed.
When I got to work and looked up who my sub was, I realized the job hadn't been filled and I didn't have one. I absolutely hate when that happens, because I always feel so bad for the teachers who have to step up to take my kids - but I had no choice.
Four-year-old footed jammie snuggles on my lap, Disney movies on repeat, and fireplace warming were just the things I needed as a Mommy that day. I may not have chosen to take the day off, but if I was going to be home with a sick baby anyway, I sure was going to take advantage of the time to snuggle with just one child!
I also took advantage of the "forced" day off by reading a book that's been on my list for a couple weeks. I finished it in one day, during naptime, and in between cuddles! Holy Moly it was good!
Today I took the kids to the doctor's office for their well visit checks! They went well! The twins are still underweight, but I am not worried about this - as they've pretty much always been on the low end of the percentile since they were born! Other than that and Aiden's congestion, they looked healthy. They are going to have us go see a Urologist for the twins' kidneys, since it's been a few years since their kidneys (and Isabella's ureter) have been looked at! 


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