Monday, November 9, 2015

On a Halloween Night

On the morning of Halloween, the kids, hubby, and I all got ready for Connor's soccer game. The kids were especially excited because their Uncle Colin and Aunt Becca were coming to the game. Of course, somehow I didn't actually get a photo of them there. Booo.

After the soccer game, we had time to come home and get changed for a party! Aiden and Isabella were the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood and Connor was "Dark Vader." I tried explaining to him he was actually called "Darth Vader," but he just got confused. I think his friends must be talking about Star Wars, because we certainly have never watched in in our home. (Mama confession, I tried to convince him to be something far less scary and eventually gave up. Darth Vader it was!).
Every year we are invited to our friends' Halloween party, but we usually can't make it because we go to my mom's house for trick-or-treating and there isn't time to do both. But this year, since it was on a Saturday, we were able to fit both in! The kids had so much fun and, aside from the fact that Aiden painted all over his Big Bad Wolf Costume (it was washable paint and I was able to get it out easily in the wash), the kids were super easy and we could hang out with our friends while they just played! That's the BEST kind of party - one where the kids and adults have fun! 
The adults all dressed up too; but to be honest, I'm always so focused on getting the kids' costumes ready, I rarely even think about my own costume. Or, maybe, one could say I cleverly dressed as a Mommy - sweater, workout shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes! Haha! My mom, sister, her boyfriend, my brother, and sister-in-law all dressed up and had fun!
After the party, we headed back over to my parents' house for a tri tip dinner and some trick-or-treating. Hubby and I had fun snapping photos of the kids and watching them have fun! Man-oh-man do they love trick-or-treating!
I think every year they love it more and more. I will be devastated when the day comes that they don't want us tagging along with them.
Here are all the Kirkpatrick Kids below. Whenever I say, "Okay now let's get a picture of the Kirkpatrick kids together," my three littles always ask me what that means. They hear me use my maiden name at my parents' gate (because it's just easier for the gate guards to remember me and who I'm going to see), but aside from that they don't really understand it. It's actually pretty funny trying to explain to them how family names work. Can everyone just take a second to look below at my sister, her boyfriend, and then at Aiden?!? I died when I zoomed in. He was pretty freaked out by the zombies.
All the Kirkpatricks were together on Halloween and I just loved it! I miss my brother and his wife so much, when they go home. After our big group photo, we got a photo with Nana!
 And a photo of my little Howard Bunch!
I'm thankful for easy laid back Halloweens with family!


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