Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Thanksgiving morning, Connor, Isabella, and I went to Starbucks. It was perfect timing because we were able to see the Turkey trot down Palm Canyon while we sipped our coffee and hot chocolate. I asked Connor to snap this photo of Mr. Howard and me because this is the exact spot of our first date 15 Novembers ago. I asked him to make sure he got the Starbucks Coffee in the background of the photo and he did such a great job! It's so fun to think about how different our life is from that first date!

The kids had fun watching the turkey trot, but couldn't understand why I wasn't running it. Haha! You know because if your mom is a runner, she must run everything!
Afterwards we headed to my brother and his wife's house, where my darling "I don't want another baby" husband loved on and hogged Becca's sweet niece. Colin and Becca cooked the most delicious food! Everyone thought it was hilarious that my brother and I were straining the wine through a cheese grater (the cork broke into little pieces in the wine bottle and we didn't have anything else to use!
 My sister, who is a photographer, snapped this photo of my brother and sister-in-law's Thanksgiving table. Isn't it breathtaking?
We were all so busy enjoying the delicious food and great company, that we all kinda forgot to get photos of the people. My sister snapped this one of Isabella and Nova. For those of you who remember, Miss Nova is the one who took a bullet to her face when intruders broke into their house while they were home. Doesn't Nova look good? What a miracle dog!
Even though I didn't get photos of everyone on Thanksgiving, I did, however, snap this video of the games we were playing that evening! We played boys v. girls and the boys were pretty hardcore! Haha!


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