Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Thirty- Three Years

Mr. Howard turned the big 33 on December 15! We had a fun birthday dinner at my parents' house to celebrate! I completely thought I got more photos, but could only find three on my phone! Eeek. I hate when that happens. 

The kids were very excited about their Daddy's birthday...but also about cake!

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Santa Visit

We took the kids to see Santa in December and they were so excited!! They each wanted to tell Santa what they wanted, but the sweetest thing was when Connor told Santa that Mama and Daddy both wanted cars. Hahahah! I have no clue where he got that from, but it made my little heart happy that he wanted to share something for someone else! Sweet boy.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Midweek Randoms

Do you ever get so out of practice of doing something that it's hard to get started again? This is what I have done with writing. I've been so exhausted that I come home and get in the bathtub...or I read...or I eat bonbons on the couch (okay I don't really do that...but I'm tempted).

So this is me getting things back on track! Here are all the Midweek Randoms from the rest of the month of November!!

The month of November and December, my husband traveled A LOT. A LOT A LOT! He was gone 26 days! And, while I think I'm pretty good at single-parenting it, it is not something I'd like to do regularly. YUCK!

When he came back in town, we planned a date night! I needed to get away from the kiddos and enjoy a sushi night with my husband! Mmmm.
He is the most adorable boy in the restaurant, after all!
We also took the kids to see the Peanut movie! They loved it and the kids behaved well. 
For Connor's school Thanksgiving Feast, he had to bring in a dish based on his heritage. We don't really have anything we make that is part of our heritage. I'm German and Irish and Scottish...but we don't cook anything that has been passed down from our heritage (I should also mention that my husband is German but he doesn't that was ruled out! Haha). So, we decided to have Connor make my Aunt Karen's famous seven layer cookies. They are a staple in our house for special occasions! Connor wrote about her and he and I had lots of conversations about her - how loving she was, how much she loved him, how she'd make these cookies every Thanksgiving and Christmas, how much Grandfather loved her, how missed she is. He even wanted me to print out the photo of my Aunt holding him when he was a baby to bring in with the dish! While she isn't here with us anymore, I loved that we got to continue on her memory and I promised Connor that he could be our seven layer cookie expert from now on!
When my husband wasn't traveling, we were trying to soak up every single second of time together we could - from snuggles in the car on the way to coffee dates in bed with a six-year-old who wakes up with the rising son.
When hubby was traveling, my mom graciously let us come over for dinner a couple times so that I didn't have to add cooking dinner onto my already too long list of to-do's. Isn't she awesome?!?
We also had something else pretty exciting happen! Aiden got his vaccines. Haha! He was so excited. I'm not even kidding. He told all his friends at school...he told his teacher...he even wanted to tell people random people walking past at Target. I thought it was going to be a disaster, because of how excited he was. But he did so well. He didn't have a single tear. Not one. WHAT?!? How is that possible?
At the very end of the month, thankfully when hubby was back in town, my sweet Isabella came down with the stomach flu! It was heartbreaking and hubby couldn't make it home to get her in time - before I had to go to work. So I had to take her with me to work (and then hubby met me in the parking lot). Isn't that the worst feeling in the world? Poor sweet baby!!

Friday, December 4, 2015

Family Photoshoot!

Over Thanksgiving Break, my sister and her boyfriend of Awe Captures Photography, took family photos and they turned out spectacular. They took them in the Desert, using a tripod. We really had trouble finding a location for a shoot. We tried to find some places near my brother's house to no avail and then thought we might go out to the windmills to get traditional Palm Springs photos, but finally settled on Indian Canyon. I'm glad we did; it was just breathtaking!

My sister-in-law's sister was supposed to be in the family photos, but she got sick and thought she might have strep throat. So she took advantage of the quiet morning and stayed in bed. Her kids made it in our photos though!

The Kirkpatricks

 The Howards
 My adorable little sister and her boyfriend:
 My brother and sister-in-law
 My Parents
  Me and My Beautiful Daughter:
 My Handsome Hubby and Me:
 The Three Amigos. This adorable boy is the closest my kids have to a cousin, since none of my siblings have kids yet.
 The original Kirkpatrick Girls, with our newest one!
 Nana and her little ducklings:
 No Kirkpatrick Photo is complete without a ridiculous one. Our poor children some day are going to be horrified at what's going on behind them. Look at my Dad. His caption is: "Yeah. Nope."
 All the Kirkpatrick Kids with our significant others:
 This precious angel has Daddy wrapped around his finger
 Daddy and his three crazy little monsters:
 Me and my little ducklings:
 Isabella's dress was so breathtaking, we just wanted a million photos of her with that beautiful background!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Thanksgiving morning, Connor, Isabella, and I went to Starbucks. It was perfect timing because we were able to see the Turkey trot down Palm Canyon while we sipped our coffee and hot chocolate. I asked Connor to snap this photo of Mr. Howard and me because this is the exact spot of our first date 15 Novembers ago. I asked him to make sure he got the Starbucks Coffee in the background of the photo and he did such a great job! It's so fun to think about how different our life is from that first date!

The kids had fun watching the turkey trot, but couldn't understand why I wasn't running it. Haha! You know because if your mom is a runner, she must run everything!
Afterwards we headed to my brother and his wife's house, where my darling "I don't want another baby" husband loved on and hogged Becca's sweet niece. Colin and Becca cooked the most delicious food! Everyone thought it was hilarious that my brother and I were straining the wine through a cheese grater (the cork broke into little pieces in the wine bottle and we didn't have anything else to use!
 My sister, who is a photographer, snapped this photo of my brother and sister-in-law's Thanksgiving table. Isn't it breathtaking?
We were all so busy enjoying the delicious food and great company, that we all kinda forgot to get photos of the people. My sister snapped this one of Isabella and Nova. For those of you who remember, Miss Nova is the one who took a bullet to her face when intruders broke into their house while they were home. Doesn't Nova look good? What a miracle dog!
Even though I didn't get photos of everyone on Thanksgiving, I did, however, snap this video of the games we were playing that evening! We played boys v. girls and the boys were pretty hardcore! Haha!

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