Friday, December 4, 2015

Family Photoshoot!

Over Thanksgiving Break, my sister and her boyfriend of Awe Captures Photography, took family photos and they turned out spectacular. They took them in the Desert, using a tripod. We really had trouble finding a location for a shoot. We tried to find some places near my brother's house to no avail and then thought we might go out to the windmills to get traditional Palm Springs photos, but finally settled on Indian Canyon. I'm glad we did; it was just breathtaking!

My sister-in-law's sister was supposed to be in the family photos, but she got sick and thought she might have strep throat. So she took advantage of the quiet morning and stayed in bed. Her kids made it in our photos though!

The Kirkpatricks

 The Howards
 My adorable little sister and her boyfriend:
 My brother and sister-in-law
 My Parents
  Me and My Beautiful Daughter:
 My Handsome Hubby and Me:
 The Three Amigos. This adorable boy is the closest my kids have to a cousin, since none of my siblings have kids yet.
 The original Kirkpatrick Girls, with our newest one!
 Nana and her little ducklings:
 No Kirkpatrick Photo is complete without a ridiculous one. Our poor children some day are going to be horrified at what's going on behind them. Look at my Dad. His caption is: "Yeah. Nope."
 All the Kirkpatrick Kids with our significant others:
 This precious angel has Daddy wrapped around his finger
 Daddy and his three crazy little monsters:
 Me and my little ducklings:
 Isabella's dress was so breathtaking, we just wanted a million photos of her with that beautiful background!


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