Sunday, June 5, 2016

Last Day of School

The kids had their last of school this past week and we just had to continue with our Last Day of School Photos tradition!!

Aiden wanted to be like his big brother, so he put his hands behind his back like a big boy! Ahh! He's so big!
 I know I say this every year and maybe some day I'll stop saying it, but how is he a second grader already?!?!?
 The sun was super bright, but she was a trooper and took her photo for me! She's getting so tall!
And because it isn't a Last Day of School Photo Post, unless you can see their comparisons! Oh my goodness. Such a big difference. Look at the height growth!
 Look at Connor's height as well. It looks to me like he grew three or four inches.
 Look at Isabella's hair! I know it's hard to tell her height, but if you look at her hand placement on the chalk frame, you can see she definitely grew! Eeek.


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