Our Adventures

One of our passions is travel. It is hard to separate how much of the travel we have done has been together and how much of it has been apart. Most of it has been in the years we've known each other, but I have gone on a few extra trips.

Outside the US

So Far We've Traveled to (the ones without links occurred pre blogging):

  1. Austria (Mr. and Mrs. Howard)
  2. Canada (Mrs. Howard)
  3. The Czech Republic (Mr. and Mrs. Howard)
  4. France (Mr. and Howard) - Spent our One Year Wedding Anniversary in Paris
    1. Paris, France 2008
    2. Paris, France 2008
    3. Versailles 2008
    4. Arc de Triumph 2008
    5. Montemartre 2008
  5. Germany (Mr. and Mrs. Howard)
  6. Greece (Mrs. Howard)
  7. Ireland (Mrs. Howard)
  8. Italy (Mr. And Mrs. Howard and Connor) - Two Trips: One with Mr. and Mrs. Howard and our Second we added Connor. I had Cole in my belly (the only foreign travel he ever got to do with our family). We spent our Three Year Wedding Anniversary in Siena.
    1. Overall Trip in Pictures
    2. Pompeii 2010
    3. Snorkeling off the coast of Italy 2010
    4. Florence, Italy 2010
    5. Florence, Italy Video 2008
    6. Train to Florence Italy 2008
    7. Travel toFlorence, Italy 2008
    8. Venice Italy 2008
  9. Jamaica (Mr. and Mrs. Howard) - Spent our Honeymoon
  10. Spain (Mrs. Howard)
  11. The United Kingdom (Mr. and Mrs. Howard)
  12. Vatican City (Mrs. Howard)
US Adventures
  1. San Francisco, California
    1. San Francisco Bay Aquarium 2010
    2. Connor's first trip 2009
    3. Trip with Kathe and Tim 2008
    4. Honeymoon Firs Day 2007
  2. Southern California (we lived here for several years)
  3. New York, New York
  4. Alabama 
    1. Only post I have is of Huntsville, Alabama
  5. Sitka, Alaska
  6. Monterey Bay, California
    1. 2008 Trip
    2. Connor's First Trip 2009
    3. Babymoon Before Twins 2011
    4. Aquarium 2013
  7. Moro Bay, California
    1. Our Trip 2009
  8. Napa, California
  9. Chicago, Illinois 2014 
    1. A Five Day Vacation without kids
  10. St Louis, Missouri 2014
    1. A Two Day Trip without kids - with Mr. Howard's Parents
  11. Drive from St. Louis to Kansas City 2014
    1. Mizzou, Tri Delta, and Missouri River
  12. Kansas City, Kansas and Missouri 2014
    1. Wedding in a Beautiful Church
  13. Des Moines, Iowa and road trip from Kansas City back to Chicago, 2014

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